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A video Remote Transliterating Service developed to work with your schedule so you don’t miss another event.

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Cue For You offers a convenient, on-demand cued speech transliterating service for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. When an on-site transliterator is not available, Video Remote Technology brings a CLT to you!

About the Founder

Lisa is a Nationally Certified CLT, residing in St. Johns, Florida. She is the founder of Cue For You, LLC – the first remote, on-demand Cued Speech transliterating service for the deaf or hard of hearing. Her passion for Cued Speech began in 2011 when her daughter came home from kindergarten picking up cues from the CLTs allowing her to communicate with her deaf friend in class. Lisa has continued to grow in the profession through working with all ages from pre-school to business professionals and has become a tremendous advocate for the deaf or hard of hearing focusing on services for those in need. Lisa has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management and an M.B.A. in E-Commerce and serves as the South Region Representative for the National Cued Speech Association.



Spring 2018   
by Beckie Perkins

National Cued Speech Association, On Cue

July, 2018    
by Sandy Mosetick & Rachel McAnallen with Lisa Gavin

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